Friday, October 25, 2013

How is Eyed LA different from the rest?

With an optometry office on practically every other block of Los Angeles, it’s difficult for an Optometrist to stand out from the rest. However Eyed LA has figured out a way with its exemplary service and emphasis towards comprehensive patient care. Having just opened in December 2012, many Los Angeles residents have already noticed the difference patients experience at Eyed LA. Allows us to tell you why patients are excited about our practice.  

Eyed LA Optometry is designed to engage patients from the very first step through the door. The staff always welcomes clients with a warm smile, a complimentary beverage and a simple sign-in process which requires only two signatures on laminated forms (reducing environmental impact). Patients are given a short questionnaire and reminder of items needed via email prior to their exam to increase efficiency.  Keeping the company promise of being environmentally responsible and respectful of patient’s time. 

Choosing the most up to date technology allows for the exam to be comprehensive, stress-free and most importantly painless.  Checking for ocular diseases without the use of the dreaded “air-puff” test or dilation drops can all be attained at Eyed LA.  Our retinal imaging camera allow us to view the entire retina without side effects of stinging drops or blurred vision lasting 4 hours; helping our clients to return to work or drive after their complete exam.  

The core philosophy of personalized health care is the key to success; patients aren’t an average but individuals with specific needs that need to be tailored per request. The exam is scheduled for about 45 minutes for each patient, in which time questions on health, lifestyles and desired outcomes are addressed.  This entire time is spent with the me, your Optometrist.  In turn, patients can quench their curiosity about their eyes and are fully encouraged to ask questions to best suit their needs.  Through education and understanding patients are empowered to really expect the best from an eye exam.  

Eyed LA works with our patients to ensure that they are more than satisfied with their end product. Once the patient has left the office they are informed to stay in touch with any questions or concerns throughout the year. Keeping a line of communication always open from patient to doctor, a luxury most office can’t afford.  However as part of change for the better in health care, Eyed LA feels this is crucial to keeping clients healthy.  Eyed LA places personalized health care at the core of the practice and patients are noticing. Check us out on Yelp, people love us...and we love them back!

See and Be Seen! at Eyed LA Optometry in Brentwood, West Los Angeles

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If the white part of my eye is getting yellow, should I be worried?

The conjunctiva (thin transparent skin that covers the white of the eye, you can move it with your finger if you so dare) and sclera (the actual white harder structure that forms the eye) may both be affected and change colors for various reasons.  Even though they look like one complete structure it's important for this lesson to understand that they are separate and can be effected differently with varying prognosis.

Let's take the conjunctival tissue first, explain it's similarities to skin and how it reacts to the exterior elements.  As previously mentioned, it's loose on the surface of the eye and is completely transparent.  It's histological formation is just like the skin all over our bodies, thankfully not exactly otherwise we'd be transparent with all our organs in plain sight, yikes!  Still it reacts to sun just like our skin, it gets darker (more yellow) and sometimes thicker.  I'm sure you've seen some form of this amongst your friends or family, a sectoral (specific spot) area in the eye is yellow, thicker with splashes of red.  We call them pinguecula (smaller yellow bump) and pterygiums (larger yellow bump getting close to the corneal center of the eye).  The sun is mostly to blame for their existence.  Therefore UV protection (aka sunglasses) is extremely important to prevent their formation.  Still both are quite harmless in the realm of health, both can be surgically removed for cosmetic or visual reasons.  

Now the sclera is a more bone-like structure, it's how the eye maintains it's round, firm shape.  This is where we get the milky white color, actually the sclera is a hue of blue but it's perceived as white to us.  When this appears to yellow consuming the whole eye, it leads us to believe there may be systemic involvement.  We consider the patient may be suffering from problems in the liver, pancreas, spleen or blood (usually sickle cell anemia).  In most cases we highly advice blood work by the patient's primary care physician (your regular doctor) in order to rule out any serious life threatening diseases.  Eyes are an amazing tool, as optometrist we can connect your entire body's health to small parts of your eye.  Some say eyes are the window to the soul, I say they are the window to your health.  Get your eyes checked every year and you'll learn how preventive medicine can really help.

See and Be Seen! at Eyed LA Optometry in Brentwood, West Los Angeles