Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How can I get the clearest vision with my glasses?

Digital lenses, also known as free form lenses, are a new and upcoming form of technology used in our labs to enhance a prescription and provide the sharpest vision possible. Eyed LA provides each patient with the option to add this feature to just about any prescription. Here are the pros to this amazing enhancement.

Digital lenses have been designed to reduce high order abrasions caused by the surface of the eye and/or surface of traditional lenses.  High order abrasions are images reflected from many different surfaces resulting in increased glare and/or distortions for patients.  Patient will encounter these situations most when using computers, driving at night or simply having a prescription for astigmatism or high myopia.  These patients will typically complain of headaches or eyestrain when doing most of these task.  Other patients will complain that the edge of their lenses bends the world in obscure ways, causing difficulty in all sorts of activities. Once the enhancement is added, the high order abrasions are reduced drastically, which increases the clarity and comfort for the patient.   

Once you’ve decided on the digital design, our office takes additional measurement to provide the lab with details on the prescription, size of the frame and exactly where your eyes will align while wearing the frames.  How are you wearing your glasses, are they close to your face or further down your nose? Does your head naturally tilt to one side? Do you move your eyes or head most while wearing your glasses? All these seemingly miniscule movements about the vision are vital in providing the most accurate portrayal of how you’ll wear your eyeglasses, helping our labs to design a personalized fit for your digital lenses. The final result will allow the patient to adapt quickly and effortlessly to the new prescription. Visit us at Eyed LA and ask us about digital lenses today!

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