Monday, October 15, 2012

Coming Soon: Eyed LA

Looking to learn something about your eyes today?  Unfortunately this blog will not be covering any new eye topics, however I will be sharing with you a sneak peak into my company Eyed LA which is set to open within the next handful of weeks.  

I've been in the optical industry since I was 15 years old.  Absorbing every ounce of knowledge that I could all the way from the lab manager making glasses, to the sales girls selling them, to the owner running the entire operation.  Every aspect of the work attracted me to the point I became an Optometrist years later.  

Having the theory of ocular medicine under my belt, I needed to learn the retail portion of the business.  I worked for many companies in New York and California, taking note to absorb the best parts and discard the worst. I soon realized there was a need for more personalized health care in this industry.  The fusion of medicine and fashion was proving to be difficult; most offices presented glasses as a medical device instead of fashion accessories with function.  I would wonder why there weren't more shops showcasing amazing frames, teaching patients about lens options and expecting their doctors to enlighten the patients with newer technologies in medicine.  Well I got tired of searching and created my own. 

Eyed LA has been created to master that balance.  We are bringing informative exams with doctors eager to spread the knowledge of optometry to each patient. We are bringing forward a staff that is educated in all things optical, facilitating the experience of choosing the right lenses and frame to compliment.  Our frame vendors will represent all the art, design and technical genius that go into creating a unique look for each client.  We want to leave a wonderful impression on every client walking through our doors.  We want them to notice our technology (i.e. retinal cameras), our green mindset (i.e. electronic records) and our undying dedication to redefining the optometric experience. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep sending those questions.  

See and Be Seen! at Eyed LA Optometry in Brentwood, West Los Angeles